Divine soul mastery is a school for the mastery of the divine connection to your higher divine soul. When you find the time to seriously start to work on this connection, you will find that you start to bring in a new vibration to the earth's surface as a true authentic divine being. This art form is a mastery series of events that occur within you known as the divine ascension process. 
This school is a school that brings you to your divine flow within. This flow is aligned with the divine God/Goddess within. Now you may be thinking, "Who is God?" Well, God is within me and you and everyone on earth is connected to the God intelligence within. This is the connection we want to master, each one of us is able to connect using the primal force within, to establish this connection to Mother Earth GAIA and the divine connection to God/Goddess within.


This school has 24 courses, which are broken down into 3 diploma certifications. A Basic, Advanced and a Masters diploma. This school supplies all knowledge, wisdom, divine tools and methods to master yourself and also become a master of who you truly are, your divine soul blueprint. As you follow through in this school program, you receive all the magnificent tools needs for a successful ascension process. We assure you that you will be guided with the right team and you will move forward in the presence of all the Ascended Masters and Archangels. This program does not guarantee your ascension, there is no program that can ever promise you that, it is not possible to do this in a fast anointing way. You see the ascension is earned from within, individually. It is taught to you from within your heart and this is the divine connection that you possess. This school has 24 courses to teach you how to master this connection and use it to its highest divine potential. 
You will be able to view the course curriculum before enrolling here. 
You will have a series of questions which is your coursework, you must complete the course work in order to move on to the next course work ahead. This is a mastery design of the school for you to actually grow with the course and align with the steps in your journey, just the same. If you keep moving forward, you will start to see everything matches from within. As you read and do the coursework, the inner work is processing and creating your momentum to build towards your first Ascension ceremony. Please keep in mind this Ascension ceremony is from within, with the entire team of the Ascended Masters and Ascended Archangels.


This diploma course is a graduation of the activations of your heart center and a knowledge of all the tools received for actual display and delivery of your unique soul blueprint. You will receive your divine soul blueprint and all the tools and book you need to master this art form. Everything is within and we are the school to bring you into alignment with the ascended team, the knowledge and wisdom and the infinite tools within. This is your full graduation of assessment and knowing how to use these tools in your lifestyle to create a mastery life in your divine classroom of the heart. You will finsih this course plan, knowing that you are on the way to a ascended, multidimensional world of life and abundance. This course is for advanced beings who already have a steady connection to their higher divine soul. This is a pre-requisite to enroll into this program. You will find that this will bring you amazing truth and guidance more efficiently. 

If you are not yet connected to your higher divine please check back and enroll at a better time for you to handle this coursework. 

You must enroll online and be accepted by phone interview.